About Krystal

Krystal Serrano:  From Personal Triumph to Champion for ALL

Krystal Serrano’s life has been devoted to PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST.

Krystal Serrano is a champion of social justice, working ethically with steadfast determination to secure educational, financial, and personal opportunities for all members of the community she serves. She will be a strong advocate for the people of the 98th Assembly District. Combining her years of work experience and her established professional relationships in both the public and private sectors with her activist spirit, Krystal is positioned to be an effective member of the Assembly immediately.

Krystal approaches every challenge ‐ whether professional or personal ‐ with integrity, clarity, and conviction. She knows that every situation, from routine tasks to extraordinary crises, must be met with quick, decisive action. She consistently has faced challenges squarely and has risen above every hurdle.

Krystal’s devotion to advocacy is rooted in her early life. She was born into a large family.

When her mother died in childbirth, Krystal became a champion for her family’s health, welfare, and heritage; she played a crucial part in raising her fourteen siblings. That experience shaped Krystal’s vision and the person she is today. She learned at a young age that adversity can quickly turn to tragedy or to triumph and that the difference between the outcomes is often a matter of integrity and per‐ severance. With focused determination, she guided her siblings toward adulthood, while earning her own college degree, taking post‐ graduate courses, developing her career, marrying, and raising a wonderful daughter. She currently lives in the town of Monroe with her husband and daughter.

As an auxiliary police officer with the NYPD, Krystal protected the safety needs of her community ‐ a concern she will take with her to Albany. While a mergers and acquisitions analyst, she honed her knowledge of fiscal and managerial strategies ‐ tools necessary to address effectively the 98th Assembly District’s fiscal challenges and economic opportunities. Krystal bridged the gap between the public and private sectors to help New Yorkers obtain quality, affordable healthcare. As a community activist, she is keenly aware of the needs of people and has sought out opportunities in the public, private, and not‐for‐profit areas.

Krystal’s professional and advocacy work with community ‐ based organizations is strong. She has created long‐standing relationships with elected officials and community leaders‐relationships that immediately will benefit the people of the 98th Assembly District. Among the many community‐based organizations she has been involved with are the YMCA, Women’s Business Resource Center,

Clergy Council, Riverbay Corporation, Stop the Violence ‐ Save Our Children Campaign, and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.

Krystal has received numerous citations and awards recognizing her unique abilities. These commendations include the NYS Assembly Outstanding Woman Award (2013), the NYS Comptroller’s Community Role Model Recognition Award (2013), the Public Advocate’s Outstanding Community Improvement Award (2013), the Faith‐Based Leadership Award (2010), NYS Senate Citation of Community Leadership and Services (2010), the NAACP Community Leadership Award, (2009), and the Shalom SDA Community Service Award (2008). As a result of her work to make healthcare affordable to all, Krystal was named one of the “25 Most Influential Women” (2013) by the Bronx Times Reporter, a subsidiary of the NY Daily News. The paper explains that the women chosen “give of themselves dayin and dayout. They are not famous or have an agenda; these women are modest and hardworking. They strive to do all in their power to improve the qualityoflife of every resident.”

 For all our issues jobs, safety, housing, economic development, healthcare, education, and the environment Krystal will be an eective and eloquent advocate for the people of the 98th Assembly District.  She always will put people first.