Krystal will advocate for the protection of the environment.

  • Opposes projects such as pipelines that carry fracked gas across Orange County. No benefits only dangers.
  • Opposes state approval of gas compressor stations and gas power plants, which release emissions that damage the health of residents, animals, and farmland and water resources within a wide range of these plants.
  • Opposes annexation plans that create negative impacts on the environment.

Krystal supports:

  • Substantial funding for a vigorous land preservation program.
  • Protecting our precious water resources.
  • Restrict the use of toxic chemicals on roads for the removal of snow and ice.
  • Laws and policies that require energy from sustainable, non-carbon emitting sources.
  • Major funding to subsidize solar projects.


Krystal supports:

  • Preservation of the STAR property tax exemption.
  • Repeal of MTA payroll tax.
  • Ideally, transforming school funding from property tax base to general funds.
  • Property taxes based on income.

Krystal opposes unfunded state mandates.


Krystal is appalled by what is legal but unethical.

Krystal supports:

  • Strong ethics reform.
  • Mandate of disclosure of outside income.
  • Cancel the pensions of convicted state officials.

Small Business & Economic Development

  • Incentives/programs for all small businesses.
  • Special set-asides for local, women and minority owned businesses.
  • Upgrading our infrastructure for commerce (roads, water and sewer systems).


Krystal folds the five priorities of Orange County’s Farmland Protection Plan into her support:

  • Agricultural Economic Development with subsidies, incentives and funded programs to increase productivity.
  • Education and engagement of the public.
  • Training for new and returning farmers.
  • Existing farmland protection and the right of farmers to farm.
  • Exemption of agricultural activities from MTA taxes.
  • Engaging the next generation of Farmers.


Krystal supports:

  • Quality public education for all our children; teachers who are prepared to teach, materials that are current, and a learning place atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Quality professional development workshops for teachers undertaking new programs and retired teachers returning to active service.